Thursday, 23 August 2012

Have you Ever had to Travel at the Last Minute?

                        Travel can be expensive last minute travel to be more expensive.Be surprised special people had traveled last minute have know exactly what i'm talking about it's major pain in the pocketbook not easy and not sitting here .did when i let my brother's house i had to travel here to the city at the last minute and i had to change travel plans that were already in place. At the last minute she did something completely different .who is costly and it wasn't allot of fun .well i think you have five tips that i wrote down and this experience hopefully save you some money if you ever have to book last minute travel.first lunch do this anyway when your booking travel you reaching any kind of travel expenses search every website bill.they don't just go to one web sites. strikes these pockets of which is why i love this one website pretty is he need to compare Easton can go to another comparison website find different fares that may be the same maybe cheaper even if the point of the cd never really know where you're going to find the cheapest rate especially for last minute the virtue let them choose the times if never flexible .
                         This is a big trip because this could spell the difference between thousand dollars in three hundred behind it well i'm assuming you're asking me in your hand i know this because exactly what Ponzi did we've got the last minute travel and literally saying whatever times you think you're going to get a bigger flexible it saved us six hundred dollars seven hundred dollars even travel expenses at the last time big a different so  be flexible with your schedule the general sense just see what you'll see what they've got and this is one of the big things that need price line thing this has been disabled on i'm open to anything include yet really cheap seats retreat make more connecting flights use you need to me most people just like to fly direct cape you know I've been but if it was a good bit spoiled difference between new hundreds of hundreds dollars in savings of more.yeah all make a couple of connections if i need to flying to this monies from Seattle to always going to be a connection usually find to be going from anywhere unless it's nearby there's going to be a connection but the key dot to answer it we've taken more connections only had one thankfully.

                  This time in Chicago but i would take more connections to save money to keep that might more connections could seek u even not mine now before call the airlines hotline they may know something they have special rate for you it's possible to get again the discount on last minute travel if you had a death in the family or some conservatives like that in the community Sadat ask you to call him for that party i work already preparing to travel somewhere else this weekend incident not only did i have to book last minute travel to the point but we had to cancel the other trip and so we called up that airline in our spouse if they not gonna republics of Europe checking the airport honestly is because it was very costly mike there's no we will get this back we call up and party very calmly said this is what's happening we've gotten in we want to we want to flag in the morning she was able to make it but again save us money she was able to make the trip to des monies issued since other place but she has explained calmly they said ok well there'll be a seventy five dollar fee this is the last year like that where gagging prep say five dollar fee dear crediting the other cost directly to our next tickets next flight on Alaska airlines and we do you fly Alaska quite frequently but with being in Seattle in you know generally speaking Alaska airlines is just fine i don't really have an major complaints more than i would any other airline but the fact that they did not require us to force us to pay that full amount i gotta tell ya i don't know if that were i'm assuming that's the policy that's a great policy authenticity five dollars to get that bother me back so i understand you know head of the person could be deceiving and achieve their claims that's fine to keep the cost of choral group doing business that i think that's a pretty given but the fact that be deepest backed the rest of it up he couldn't gotten through that form on the website don't really think that personal connection for that i'm very grateful that they were septic id that the person belt this facility that no-hassle no talking to to somebody else they just took your the situation wonderful job it just just a great example of customer service that high would like to expect and i hope that future dealings with that airline other airlines or just as positive number five this is always a possibility to to send you my connecting flight would have been somewhere in the midwest .

where there would be in Minnesota Omaha Kansas Kansas city st Louis Chicago the might tip is check nearby airport and drive the remainder they be debating the issue where fighting two one of those connecting flights but then the next day included we works better i would have gone to that point rented a car dream it's either location like learn from each point in the monies is pretty much in the center meets the crossroads between acted and finally i would driven five hours to see you hundreds if not thousand Samara that even what even entered my mind so consider that finding your buyer for its even if your destination city your alternate city is it that you're buying it's it's like five a six hour drive and you can afford the time take it because you can see allot walked of money by doing that be minor league inconvenienced but would you rather be doing the news that way for your pocketbook specially when it comes to a last minute top so there's just some things that fluttered through my head as i was going through that experience in we have to be in the morning now you have to be able to still live stream my email address these Chris at Perot dot com you have any other travel tips especially in relation to dealing with traveling in the web by realize that serve in the world wide web is pretty much instantaneous no matter where you are in speaking out i'm still live streaming as i said a couple seconds ago but even here I've gotten a connection up to the internet enemy able to do this ii know we stream all the time no matter where i'm at like twenty four hours a day you can stop by a car  chat room you may need some when i'm with you may know where i am when i entered into the people lined with there were madam sitting right in front of a one of my brother's paintings they has up for sales and leasing artist and i think that is because he's my brother look at that time was inspired by some told me the name of the song but i think it's a reported at another video i forgot you really into music obviously not only did he get artistic g you also got the looks in the family this is that this is what he thinks of me this is what he paints Greenpeace is with french fry hair i keep that's not what scenes saw him on the street earlier said why don't you Chris Perot's industry but he saw him on the street earlier said why don't you Chris Perot's industry but he seriously Disney theme he got the looks in the family height date and i have to compensate y doing other things mommy daddy didn't love me as a child so i ended up doing videos on you tube you know after i moved out of the basement last week shocked stream live twenty four hours a day seventy-three typically talking deck outline core la will tout later.

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